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Cosmetic bottle

Cosmetic bottle, glass lotion bottles manufacturer-Value Chain Glass

Value Chain Glass is a cosmetic bottle manufacturer, we offer cosmetic bottle service, we have many kinds of cosmetic bottles for client to choose, and cosmetic bottle customization service is available.
 cosmetic bottle
Cosmetic glass bottles have many options for client to choose,  include essential oil bottle, perfume bottle, nail bottle, and glass lotion bottle, besides, for customized cosmetic bottle, client decide the color of bottle, lids, capacity, bottle label, our bottle paperless label decoration ( decal,  frosting, electroplating, precious metal stamping, embossment, color coating, screen printing. ) can be achieved under clients’ requests. Then the customized bottle is coincided with the cosmetic products.
Value Chain Glass has much rich experience in glass bottles, strong technical working team. And large quality control team to ensure the quality in Premium bottles and high end cosmetic glass bottles.
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Why choose cosmetic glass bottles?
It is stable in chemical change, less prone to react with chemical components, high  density, large weight in glass is  suitable for high end cosmetics packaging), its high barrier property and clearance, are good for health, once it was re-opened after a tight seal, it is easy to be sealed, Cosmetic bottles are very important for the cosmetic products. The glass cosmetic bottles are used in high-end cosmetics or some special requirements cosmetics packaging, which can make the cosmetics more upscale and attractive to customers.

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cosmetic bottlecosmetic bottlecosmetic bottls
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