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Difference between manual machine jar glass bottle and assembly line jar glass bottle
There are two manufacturing technique in producing jar glass bottle: manual machine and assembly line. Different processes have different prices, many customers do not understand, now you can see the specific differences between manual machine craft and assembly line process:
jar glass bottle  
1. Manual machines jar glass bottle is manual operation, the product performance and quality will be different for different operators, the most obvious place is the bottom which uniformity will vary for different operators, it will be improved after long operating time, but the assembly line controlled machine parameters and material drop number by computer numerical application, it is accurate, so the product’s degree of finish, uniformity and the bottom crescent line are beautiful, it is suitable for mass production, it will increase output efficiency.
2. Manual machine production process will be cause mold place partial, then the uniformity will be difference, but the manual machine production is flexible than assembly line process, it can produce good product performance which assembly line can not achieve.
3. Manual machine production mold are hand mold, bottle’s shape cooling and joint line related to the opening and closing mold time and time length, but assembly line production is different, its gas vents and opening & closing mold time is very accurate, it has little impact on product mold and the joint line of bottle will be very small.
4. Manual machine production process can meet the needs of small production customers, mold production time is short, the cost of inputs is small, and this is one of the reasons why manual machine production was welcomed by the glass bottle manufacturer, while the assembly line will  require a certain number of products.
5. A lot of glass bottle manufacturer will install manual machine and assembly line on the same furnace, so as to achieve a complementary capacity, maximize production efficiency, to meet different customers’ need.
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