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Glass bottle printing development trend in our country
glass bottle printing

Our glass packaging market has already launched the glass printing plastic bottles and glass printing beverage bottle, printing white spirit bottles and printing wine bottles have become a trend. Printed exquisite designs and trademark on glass bottle have been widely used by a variety of beer and beverage producers, beer companies have Tsingtao Brewery Group, China Resources Brewery Group, Yanjing Beer Group; beverage companies have Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo, Hongbao Levin company; wine companies have Changyu Group, Longkou Veyron.
Even though the glass glaze which used by printing glass bottle’s pattern is fused together with glass, its inherent glass characteristics determine the frequency of use is limited to seven, it will bring adverse consequences if overmuch repeated use. The decals glass can be only used once for its pattern will be incomplete, that because the decal material’s not resistant to acid and alkali and anti-scour properties after high temperature curing.
Leaders of beer and beverage manufacturers have begun using printing glass bottles, light weight or disposable glass bottle as the preferred product packaging. Production cost is increase comparing using new bottle fill new spirit to using old bottle fill new spirit, but using new bottle will be benefit for product grade.
The rapid development of science and technology and consumer trends change with the times, so the manufacturing industry also need synchronous follow up. A national standard or industry standard should make the necessary modifications and improvement after using seven or eight years, to retain those parts which are adapt to the development trend and increase some necessary content. Excessive requirements and technical specifications will increase unhelpful manufacturing costs, resulting in a waste of resources. It is imperative to make the national standard or industry standard more authoritative, representative and suitability.
Beer bottles and carbonated beverage bottles are withstand voltage bottles but they are inconsistent with the requirement. Beer bottles demanded high resistance to mechanical impact strength, its eligibility criteria is the same as carbonated beverages superior bottles’ standard; The carbonated beverage bottles’ period of use and packaging method has not been specified, and lightweight disposable carbonated beverage bottles also have not made separate regulations, this favoritism requirement will lead to inconsistent standards, and it is easier cause misleading.
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