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Glass bottle quality check from Value Chain Glass
quality check

Factories are able to predict problems early with the goal of eliminating the causes, by performing inspections. If take advantage of it properly, inspections save cost and time by preventing process problems and ensuring that the end glass bottle meets customer's demanding and expectations.

Sample making process:

Trial Sample Inspections
Engineer will inspects sample mould before sample making, make sure the mould forming is under customer’s request.

Sample Inspections
Sample process QC inspects the diameter according to the technical drawing, also checking bottle shape, quality, and capacity.

Mass production:

First-glass Inspections
Quality Check inspects first-glass samples before to mass production. This improves that bottle diameters are being met and prevents no need from reengineering work later.

In-Process Glass Inspections
On-side inspections analysis samples of bottle selected during the mass production. This confirms the bottle quality and allows any urgent changes to be addressed early on, avoiding rework time and costs.

Pre-Shipment Inspections
Engineers verify that finished bottles conform to your specifications, during a pre-shipment inspection.

Sample Collection Service (Third party available)
Normally, inspections are not always the service that you need. What if ensure that samples for your evaluation, lab testing or customer approval submission have been randomly selected is necessary, visit the factory, selecting random samples on your behalf, report will provided by the third party inspector after inspection. Since no inspection is required, inspections will be done by pre-shipment inspections.
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