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Value Chain Glass Wish You Happy New Year
February 19th, 2015 is the Chinese New Year, Value Chain Glass take New Year holiday from February 15th, and we will back to work in February 25th. Value Chain Glass wish all of you Happy every day, everything goes well with your work and keep in good health.
Do you know the customs of Chinese New Year customs? Every Spring Festival, every family should do entire cleaning, like cleaning utensils, washing bedding and curtains, sweeping courtyard, whisking cobweb, dredging underground drain.
Before the new year’ day we will do New Year's shopping, for entertaining friends and relatives in New Year’s period. In New Year's Eve, we should paste couplets, which is compose with neat, duality, simple, sophisticated text to render the background and express good wishes. This is the unique literary of China. In New Year’s day, whether urban or rural, every family will select a pair of red couplets pasted to the door, which increase the festive holiday atmosphere.
New Year's Day everyone who works out of hometown will get home and have dinner with family in New Year's Eve. After dinner adults will give children, children give parents elder lucky money.
Parents will lead the children to BaiNian in the following few days after New Year Eve, which means we should visit our friends and relatives.
Different provinces and different regions have different customs, and welcome to China to experience the Chinese New Year.
Finally, Happy New Year!
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