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Value Chain Glass Ltd. (VCG) is a full-service glass bottle and glassware manufacturer. Our main products include all kinds of glass packaging, such as spirit bottle(like vodka bottle, brandy bottle, rum bottle, whisky bottle, gin bottle, etc.), glassware(like wine glass, champagne glass, brandy glass, martini glass, whisky glass, drinking glass, beer mug, candle holder, etc.), water bottle, oil bottles, perfume bottles, cosmetic bottles, nail bottles, cream bottles, pharmaceutical bottles, glass jars and corresponding accessories.

VCG has outstanding capability of paperless label decoration. According to customers' processing needs for different products, we can do paperless label decoration, like screen printing, electroplating, decal, frosting, embossment, color coating, precious gold stamping, precious silver stamping, and we will ensure quality.

We have been committed to be a solution provider to our clients for one-stop shop service, including open mould, procuce sample, mass production, paperless label decoration, packing, shipment. At VCG, we offer the whole package for spirits.

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