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Value Chain Glass is a professional whisky bottle manufacturer, with many years of experience in the production of the whisky bottle. VCG offers a complete one stop service, from advice to technical and business support throughout the development and production of your whisky bottle. We have complete and orderly production lines and professional customer representatives to solve various problems for customers.

In Value Chain Glass, customers can produce personalized whisky bottle, which would make customers’ whisky outstanding in the market. Meanwhile customers can customize capacity, color, shape, decoration, caps, etc. that’s to say, a special whisky bottle will be produced according to customers’ requirement.
The quality of our glass "Made in China", the variety of shapes and decorations offered, combined with our ability to support our customers throughout the product development process are fully adapted to this market segment. We offer design and technical advices on complex projects, about forms as well as decoration.
The production ways of whisky bottle.
1. The existing mold of whisky bottle, VCG will send the existing Brandy bottle drawings to customers, if the customer confirmed the drawings, we will begin proofing, until the confirmation of sample quality, at last, we will start the large-scale production.
2. The existing technical drawings offered by customers. If customer has its own whisky bottle design drawings, we are able to make a new mold, sample and bulk production after a technical analysis according to customer-supplied drawings, when necessary, we will make some adjustments, but it must go through the customer's approval.
Detail about custom whisky bottle.
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whisky bottlewhisky bottlewhisky bottle
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