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Glass bottles

Value Chain Glass: A full-service of glass bottle manufacturer

VCG is a very professional glass bottle manufacturer with more than 18 years producing experiences. Our glass bottles items including vodka bottle, gin bottle, brandy bottle, rum bottle, whisky bottle and so on. We also offer liquor bottles, essential oil bottle, perfume bottle, cosmetic bottle, Nail bottle, cream bottle. To custom glass bottle, we do according to clients' glass bottle customization design, process including open mould, produce sample, glass bottle quantity production, packing, shipment. Only if you need glass bottle, we make it!
glass bottle
The main production processes of glass bottles:
1.Provide glass bottle design.
1)If clients have their own glass bottle design, VCG analyze clients’ drawing technically, and practice in feasibility
2)If paperless label decoration (decal, frosting, screen printing, color coating, embossment, precious metal stamping, electroplating) needed, Clients should offer the label artwork for VCG analysis.
3)If clients want to manufacture standard glass bottle, just provide us the standard bottle's info.
2. After artwork is confirmed, VCG begin to open mould, and then make samples.

3. VCG begins glass bottle bulk production after samples are confirmed.
1)We will do quality inspection during and after production.
2)Paperless label decoration will be done after quality inspection confirmed
4. Packing and Shipment.
You can see the Detail glass bottle customization process
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The advantages of glass container :
1)Glass material can be very good to prevent the invasion of oxygen with its good barrier properties, meanwhile, it can prevent the evaporation of volatile contents in bottles.
2)The cost down solutions in glass packages are its’ recycling and reuse, besides raw material extraction.
3)The transparency and clearance of glass can be more easily changed
4)The safety and health, good corrosion resistance and acid corrosion ability in glass, suitable for acidic substances of the package; and we’ve found that it has lower carbon emissions than PET plastic containers.
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