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Vodka bottle manufacturer

Vodka bottle manufacturer, Vodka glass bottle producer-Value Chain Glass

Value Chain Glass is a more than 10 years rich experience in vodka bottle manufacture, we produce many excellent vodka bottles. Main category are standard vodka bottle & Custom vodka bottle, Standard bottles: BV1042/(500ml/750ml//1L/1.75L/), BV1043(50ml/375ml/750ml/1L), BV1104(50ml/200ml/375ml/750ml), BV1130(100ml/700/750ml), BV006( 700ml/1L/1.5L) etc.
vodka bottle 
Our advantage is Custom Vodka bottle, VCG offers a wide arrange of customization options through variations in capacity, shape, glass colors, and types of corking, or decorative container engraving, which can make clients’ brand outstanding and identify proprietary bottle.
In quality, VCG possess a good clean environment, with a good dustless workshop, strict quality administration department, and quality control team.

Besides, VCG is also good at cost down solution, which is a big advantage to compete with other suppliers. Such as screen printing, as we all know, the more printing times the higher cost it will be, but after cost evaluation, we can largely help customer save 30-40% in label printing.
Types of production in Vodka bottles:
1. Existing vodka bottle. Clients choose our existing moulds, VCG make samples directly and begin bulk production after samples confirmed.
2. Custom moulds required. Clients offer technical drawings, VCG analyze the drawing and make new moulds, samples, bulk orders.
In conclusion, VCG FAE team will offer you a one stop solution service to make sure vodka design attractive, exquisite and economical in reality.

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