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Wine decanter manufacturer

Personalized glass wine decanter manufacturer - Value Chain Glass

The pictures above are our produced wine decanters. Value Chain Glass is a professional glass wine decanter manufacture. Here, customers can choose their own needs in custom wine decanter, we will make mould based on the technical drawings and mass production after samples conformed by customers.

We have strict QA and QC departments to monitor the production .therefore we can provide customers with high-quality produce personalized wine decanter.
 wine decanter
Why do we want to use decanters?
1. Mainly used to make wine exposed to air. Wine will take place the chemical reaction after the complex compound in wine contacted with oxygen in the air. Then the original relatively sour taste will become soft, while the real taste of wine and wine will be released.

2. In addition, some sulfur, or musty smell existed in some vintage wine, wine decanter can make these dispersed. The real taste of wine will be released.

3. Remove the sediment. By using wine decanter it will make red wine sediment left in the original bottle, to avoid impact on the taste of wine.
The production way of wine decanter:
1.The existing mould of wine decanter, VCG will send the existing wine decanter drawings to customers, if the customer confirmed the drawings, we will begin produce sample, after the  confirmation of sample quality, we will start the large-scale production.

2. Technical drawing offered by customer. If customer has its own wine decanter design drawing, we will make a new mould and produce sample after a technical analysis according to customer-supplied drawings, when necessary, we will make some adjustments, but it must go through the customer's approval, after sample confirmed we will begin bulk production.

See more about customization.
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wine decanterwine decanterwine decanter
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