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Packaging manufacture

Retail packaging design, custom packaging manufacturer

Value Chain Glass provides retail packaging design and packaging manufacture services, retail packaging including food, cosmetic, toy, wine, spirit, electronics and other product.
Value Chain Glass also provides custom packaging box service, if customer has a packaging design drawing to us, we will produce accordance to customer’s design, if customer have not design artwork, as long as customer provide necessary label information, we will do packaging design for customer, after customers agreed to our design then we will start producing.
If you are looking for packaging manufacturer, we are the one! You can contact us via Email: or contact us form for more information.

See detail of retail packaging.
Benefits of Packaging:
(1) Protecting the packaged goods, preventing risks and damage, such as leak, waste, theft, loss, scattered, mix, shrinkage and discoloration.
(2) Offer convenience. It will provide convenient for producers, merchants and customers moving products from one place to another.
(3) For identify, packaging must indicate the product type, quantity, brand and product manufacturer or retailer. Packaging also can help warehouse staff to find product exactly and consumers find what he's looking for.
(4) Promoting brand sales, especially in the self-service stores. In the store, the packaging attract the attention of customers, and turn his attention into interest.
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