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Rum bottle manufacturer

Rum glass bottle manufacturer expert in rum bottle production – Value Chain Glass

Value Chain Glass is a powerful and integrity rum bottle manufacturer, which produce a lot of rum glass bottles for many customers. If customers choose us for the production of bottles, we will quickly open mould and manufacture, and assure quality for customers, not only do we offer Standard rum Bottle manufacturing, also provide professional personalized rum Bottle customization.
The advantages of custom rum bottle:
1. Customers can design their own favorite rum bottle appearance, and can design their own unique rum bottle, makes your Rum more attractive.
2. Customers can control the quality and cost of the bottle.
3. Customers can choose different decoration, which makes the RUM more premium.
4. Customers can promote their own brands when customize the label and logo in the bottle.
 rum bottlerum glass bottlerum spirit bottle
The production way of Rum bottle:
1. The existing mould of brandy bottle, we will begin produce sample bottle, after the confirmation of sample quality, we will start the large-scale production.
2. The existing technical drawings offered by customers. If customer has its own Rum bottle design drawings, we are able to make a new mould, sample and bulk production after a technical analysis according to customer-supplied drawings, when necessary, we will make some adjustments, but it must go through the customer's approval.
See detail process of Rum bottle production.
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