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Spirits bottle

Spirit bottle manufacturer - Value Chain Glass

Are you looking for a spirits bottle manufacturer? You make it, value Chain Glass is the exact spirit bottle manufacturer, we offer a wide range of spirit bottles, such as vodka bottle, gin bottle, brandy bottle, rum bottle, tequila bottle, bourbon bottle, cognac bottle and whisky bottle, etc.
In Value Chain Glass, all kind of spirit bottles can be custom made, since different spirit needs different bottle to show their characteristics and add intrinsic value to brand, by doing label decoration, it will be benefit for brand promotion. As a professional custom spirit bottle manufacturer, VCG always concentrate on customization and decoration techniques, now we can make 3D rendering for your spirit bottle design, this will help customers to see the exact effect.
For Value Chain Glass is an experienced liquor bottle producer, there are many existing moulds, if the suitable bottle you find already has mould in our company, we can make samples quickly. Once sample is confirmed, we begin mass production, packing and shipment
To learn the process of OEM service, you can check how to customize glass bottle and how we make the spirit bottle quality insurance. By the way, we have SGS, BV, INTERTEK, LFGB certificates.

For More info about price you can contact us at or leave message online at Contact us.
Tips :
Glass bottles does not occur chemical change in material properties with a high degree of transparency and corrosion resistance, Its manufacturing technique process is simple, its characteristics are such as various shape, hardness, heatproof , clean, easy to clean up,  recyclable. Sustainable!

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