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How important does tequila bottle to tequila liquor? 
In spirit sales market, there are three factors that determine the spirit sale volume, the first one is the brand effect of spirit, the second one is spirit packaging, the third one is way of promotion. Consumers often do not know the taste of spirit when buying alcohol, they usually get spirit taste and quality into their head through spirit packaging, then decide whether to buy it. The proportion of first impression in consumers’ minds is bigger than our expected, so personalized spirit packaging design is particularly important.
To design a special tequila bottle is very important. Value Chain Glass is a professionaltequila bottle manufacturer who provides full service including production, packaging and shipment. We provide professional standard tequila bottle production and custom tequila bottle manufacturing, the standard bottle means mould existing and no decoration bottle, while custom bottle needs open mould according to customer’s bottle design artwork, then make sample and production.
If customer wants to produce tequila bottle which there is an existing mold in our factory, we can mass-produced after confirm MOQ. If customer needs to custom tequila glass bottle, customer is required to provide tequila spirit bottle’s design artwork, we will conduct technical analysis based on the artwork, and then confirm quoted price. If artwork and price are OK we start opening mould.
There have many choices if customer chooses to custom tequila bottle, such as customer can decide tequila bottle capacity, like 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 300ml, 500ml, 700ml, 750ml, 1000ml, etc. Customer also can choose the tequila bottle finish type whether screw or cork, bottle body is round, square, or irregular? What’s more, customer can choose paperless label decoration, like frost, decal, color coating, screen printing, electroplating, precious metal stamping, embossment. Bottle decoration plays an important role, customers can print or emboss the logo onto the bottle, which makes the bottle more particularly and do publicity for your brand.
If you want to do tequila bottle customization, then just provide the bottle design artwork to us, there is a professional team in our company helping to analysis, providing professional advice, so to manufacture high-quality tequila bottle in low cost.

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