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Glassware manufacture

Glassware manufacturer - Value Chain Glass

Value Chain Glass is a manufacturer with many years’ experience in the production of wine glassware. We supply all kinds of glassware production, which includes champagne glass, martini glasses, whisky glass, shot glass, beer glasses, drinking glasses, beer mug, candle holders, etc. In addition, Value Chain Glass is a very professional personalized wine glasseware manufacturer, which produce glassware according to customers’ own preferences, and we can offer different decoration, such as decal, printing, color coating, frosting, etc.

 glassware manufactureglassware manufactureglassware manufacturer

Value Chain Glass Glassware manufacturing items include stemware and glass tumblers.


Champagne glass, which is stemware and is dedicated to drinking champagne. Its shape looks like tulip and flute, customers can also choose custom personalized champagne glasses and choose a distinctive decoration way.
Martini glass: The Cocktail feature is that the majority of cocktails must be dealt with ice thus it belongs to stemware. Same as Champagne glasses (piccolo and tulip). There are also glass tumbler in Martini glass such as vintage Cup, Highball glass. Therefore, Value Chain Glass custom personalized martini glasses is a good choice for you
Glass tumblers

Whisky glass:which is a glass specially used for drinking whiskey. The glass is round and short and is characterized by a very thick bottom of the cup. Owing to drinking whiskey with ice, three or four ice are rocked inside of glass, it is impossible without a certain thickness. Therefore, the thickness of the entire whisky glass is larger than brandy glass. Personalized whisky glass is a great temptation to drink whisky.  VCG welcomes you to custom whisky glass.
Beer glass,beer mug which are mainly used for drinking beer. The capacity is ranging from 360-1500 ml. Its shape is like its volume which is varied. Different shape of a beer mug is related with beer origin, raw material, production way and drinking way. Because of low alcohol degree, the volume is large for customers to drink conveniently. Beer glass is tumbler, a handle is used. Customer can choose beer glasses and personalized beer mug according to the local drinking habits, Value chain glass is very professional personalized beer glasses manufacturer.
Drinking glasses:There are many advantages in drinking glass, such as good transparency, glossy, texture, healthy, non-toxic, easy to clean, and non-deformation, thus it is good for drinking water or beverages. Of course, personalized drinking glasses can be more attractive to users, so custom drinking glasses are also your wise choice.
Candle holder also called candlestick, chamberstick, or candelabrum, is a holder for one or more candles, used for illumination, rituals, or decorative purposes. Value Chain Glass is a candle holder manufacturer, where you can find your custom glass candle holders, not only can hold candle but also the nice decoration effect of candle holders.
You can check the production process of custom glassaware: customization process
To know more info about value chain glass glassware manufacturer, you can contact us.
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