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Screen Printing

Screen printing also called silk screening, which is a mature skill in glass decoration. Value Chain glass offers a professional service between glassware and glass bottle screen printing
Eco-friendly screen printing inks are applied on the glass by automatic machine, ideally 1-4 colors, as the more colors and printing time applied, the higher the cost will be.
Note: To achieve screen printing, the decoration zone must generally be developable on a vertical and/or horizontal plane.
Screen printing gives the bottle a high quality look, which can be combined with most of the decoration methods available in our company to achieve more unconventional effect.
Advantages of bottle silk screen printing:
1. Improved label durability
2. Give your products all the elegance and beautiful appeal.
3. Is not subject to any restrictions in size and shape
4. Strong ink coverage
5. Suitable for all types of ink
6. Strong resistance to optical performance
7. Flexible printing way
8. Strong adhesion to surface
9. Handmade silk printing and machine screen printing are preferable
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