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paperless label decoration

Paperless label decoration technique is spirits Bottle Decoration technology, mainly for customers to create innovative spirits packaging, which is not only can interpret brand value and corporate culture of spirits, but also to meet the aesthetic needs of consumers, stimulate consumers’ desire to buy. Currently, many distillery and enterprises have taken into spirits packaging differences, unique, personalization consider as the market leader in the development of ideas.
In order to make the customer's glass bottle more characteristic, more attractive, and much more publicity effect, customers can decorate bottle label on the bottle, so it not only can play a security role but also an advocacy role, the most important is recyclable. In addition, the glass bottle can be printed up to the company's culture, which is more conducive to promote company. The different decoration reflects different liquor charm, and attract consumer in unique way.
From drawing technical analysis, technical suggestion, label position arrangement, color advising to final printing drawing confirmation, VCG is working on every detail carefully to assist customer for label printing, make sure label printing is accordance with original design.

One of our successful bottle label printings is PUV VODKA, 4 sides complicated patterns within 19 times process, 3D tactile finish, shiny effect, zero-tolerance placement for items with multiple colors and printings, within skillful operation and strict quality control.

It definitely surprises you with the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to every detail, achieving perfect application on all colors and placements every time. In addition, 6 colors perfectly without deviation.

So if you choose our company to produce glass bottles for you, our company can also provide you with paperless label decoration service, if you want your spirits more prominent, then design a unique label artwork and choose the right glass bottle decoration way.
VCG(Value Chain Glass) is good at making your bottle unique with paperless label decoration. We can figure out your design into reality with the following paperless label decorations:
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