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Custom bottles
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Custom bottles with Custom Glass Bottles manufacturer-Value Chain Glass

Value Chain Glass is a full range of services of customized glass bottle manufacturer, Our manufacturing items including Vodka bottle, brandy bottle, whisky bottle, rum bottle, gin bottle, tequila bottle, cognac bottle, bourbon bottle, cosmetic bottle, etc. We also do personalize glassware produce, Value Chain glass endeavors to use the most appropriate technical solution and design and to ensure the feasibility of each project under customer’s requests with strong and professional team. Besides, paperless label decoration and paperless logo decoration can be chosen according to customers' willing and design, such as screen printing, decal, frosting, color coating, embossment, precious metal stamping, electroplating etc.

To custom glass bottle with Value Chain glass, there are wide variety of custom bottle options in capacity, weight, height, shape, and types of corks for choice, in accordance with original spirits, which leads to the unique style as customers' need.

Why choose to customize glass bottle? As we know, Personalized glass bottle allows products and brands more prominent, distinctive, and attractive, it will make your product outstanding and drive consumer to make buying decision, for  the custom bottle give pirit special personality, like luxury, gorgeous, elegant, classic, fashionable, stylish, colorful, extraordinary and charming.

The process of bottles customization

1.Create technical designs according to client's artworks/ sketch/exact specification
2.Value Chain glass's engineers analyze and adapt technical drawing comply with the required dimensional parameters associated with international standard. Meanwhile, specifications and tolerance are defined
3.The 2D drawing/ prototype of mould to be sent for customer's approval
4.Open sample mould
5.Making samples
6.Production moulds will be finished upon clients’ final approval of the glass samples
7.Mass production starts and quality inspection
8.Packaging and shipment

Value China Glass is more than 10 years experience in manufacturing, with our own creation of new models. We control cost and save time for clients in adapting the best steel material to assure the quality.

Our service of customization
- Custom glass bottle design
- Open sample mould
- Custom glass bottle manufacture
- Paperless label decoration
- Packing
- Shipment

Bottle customization process:
bottl customization process

You can see the detail glass bottle customization process.

See custom bottles from Value Chain Glass.

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