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Foreo MODA 3D printer prints Makeup on your face in 30 seconds
MODA makeup printerFOREO, Swedish beauty brand was announced a product called MODA makeup printer, which can help you applies makeup in 30 seconds. 
What’s the MODA operating principle? MODA consist of 3D scanning, 3D printing and a mobile app. With this app, you can choose a look from its library which contains dozens of pre-set looks. After chosen, you will see your face that with the look previewed on it, if you are satisfied with this, place the face into 3D printer. The printer will start to scan the facial contour, then apply makeup to your face to match the look that you uploaded in 30 seconds.
Will you wonder what’s printed on your face? What’s different from store-bought cosmetic? Foreo said it is a kind of makeup ink that made from minerals which is FDA-approved and skin-safe. This makeup also will be applied in layers, based on the process of primer - foundation - adding color.
Do you want to try this? If MODA can win female’s heart, it will be really cool and timesaving.
Now 3D Print is really new printing techniques, getting more and more popular and widely applied in different area, such as paperless decoration for glass spirit bottle (Vodka, Gin, cognac, etc.). Value Chain Glass Ltd also used 3D tech to help client printing label onto their glass bottle to achieve 3D affect, which looks very tridimensional, attractive, strongly to impact your visual.
3D effect bottle
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