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Glass Bottle Selection Tips
Glass  Bottle  Selection  Tips
How to evaluate glass bottle quality and understand glass bottles property?
    ·1 Bottle Closure Sealing. Bottle Closure Style and Seal. This is relevant to cap material and top specification. We adhere to the
    GPI standards with testing by a third party or offering caps and glass bottle for my company Value Chain Glass manufacturer.
    ·2 Glass Bottle Quality Standard. pressure testing, fill level, load bearing boar diameter and so on testing is completed to help
    ensure only the best quality items are released for customer use.
    ·3 Bottle Cleanliness. Distilleries prefer clear bottles, which are related to bottling cost, avoiding double clear bottles to save
    their time and cost.
    ·4 Bottle Weight. Weight influences shipping cost, they are directly proportional, the heavier weight, the more cost.
    ·5 Package. Glasses are fragile, they should be MORE careful during the delivery. As per experiences, Value Chain Glass is good
    at package safety, loaded onto pallets and strengthened with shrink film and fasten belts are effectively decrease breakage rate.
    ·6 Variety of glass bottles according to alcohol categories. Glasses are classified to normal flint glass, white flint glass, extra
    flint glass, lead-free crystal and color bottles. For example, beer bottle is usually from amber-green glass, vodka is specific
    making of extra flint and cognac bottle is formed by crystal material.
    ·7 Quality Assurance. Sampling inspection is the best way to assure the product quality, what’s more, BV, UL are good options
    for third party inspection before delivery.
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