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The collection of high end glass bottles
The collection of value Premium glass bottle today may be greater than the bottle itself historically, bottles exist in "soy sauce" type, without much information, decorated in a simple style in earlier, time, Chinese glass production technology is not advanced as now and the requirement of glass bottle is basically relying on imports.

High-end glass bottles developed quickly in the past period of time, a variety of high-end bottle-related technology come out fiercely: frosting, painting, decorating, etc. which make glass bottles more elegant. The innovation in glass bottle decoration makes most of enterprise find new markets.

Bottle collection process needs attention to the following aspects:
1. A complete glass bottle include bottle body, bottle caps, bottle label, customers need to collect security cover in case of destruction after opening the bottle.

2. Take the glass bottle gently in case of breakage.

3. Glass bottles identity: the label decoration is the most important factor to distinguish the technique of glass bottle, so collectors must not damage the labels, after all, it is proved that glass container is superior in package.

high end glass bottle
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