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The requirement market of Glass bottle is rising
Now 71% of the global glass bottles are spirits bottle, while China is the world's highest consumer and manufacture proportion of glass beer bottles, currently, Oil price is low down gradually, the reuse of plastic bottles is also worse than before. As a matter of fact, Glass bottle is more eco-friendly. Besides the requirement of market in glass bottle is rising quickly, many glass bottle manufactures should pay more attention to this important requirement and take chance to improve the reuse of glass bottle.
The technique process of glass bottle is as follows:
1. Pre-processed raw materials. The bulk material was crushed so moist material is dried, the iron-containing raw materials are dealt with during iron treatment, in order to ensure the quality of the glass.

2. Batch material preparation. A mixture of raw glassmaking materials in the correct proportion ready for the melting pot.

3. Melting. Glass material is heated in a furnace at high temperature (1550 to 1600 degrees), which is to make glass-forming liquid without bubble and uniform.

4.  Molding. The liquid glass was put into a desired shape mould to produce glass bottle

5. Heat treatment. By annealing, quenching and other processes, to eliminate internal stress as well as changes in the structure of the state of the glass. and to make the bottle stable, less prone to breakage

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